Scope of Services:

  • Soil transfer using scraper technology (soil loading, horizontal transport and spreading) both for the construction of highways and speedways as well as industrial parks and commercial zones of any kind and the construction of water works
  • Soil improvement and stabilization of any kind using mix-type bonding agents (CaO, lime-cement mix or cement)
  • Cold recycling (full rehabilitation of Category II and III roads);  the pavement is milled off and a mix-type bonding agent is added and the roadway re-profiled
  • Construction and repair of forest roads including re-profiling and base course reinforcement


Available Capacities:

  • Soil transfer and deposition – 10000m3 per day
  • Soil improvement and stabilization – 25000m3 per day
  • Rehabilitation of base courses of Category II and III roads – 2 to 3kms per day depending on depth