Scope of Services:

  • Roadside mowing and maintenance after the winter season; ditch cleaning and profiling; roadside cleaning and removal of deposits of any kind
  • Winter maintenance; snow clearing by ploughs and snow blowers; removal of obstacles from  the roadway
  • Mowing of all cuts and fills along the roads
  • Cutting off tree branches that extend over the road profile; improving the tree health of the trees in the immediate road vicinity

Available Capacities:

  • Roadside mowing – 80 000m2 per day
  • Ditch cleaning and profiling – 5kms per day
  • Roadside cleaning – 20kms per day
  • Tree branch cutting over the road profile – 8kms per day
  • Winter maintenance 
  • 2x heavy-duty snow blower 2x 2500 t per hr
  • 2x light-duty snow blower 2x 600 t per hr
  • snow ploughs 4-metre blade width – 3 units
  • snow plough 6-metre blade width  - 1 unit